A 40 minute documentary available to download here or on DVD, which charts Alan Thornhill’s unconventional journey into sculpture.

Spirit in Mass from Anna S Thornhill on Vimeo.

“A very evocative piece of film-making which is a wonderful tribute to a multi-faceted artist and human being.”
Carol Godsmark, Trustee Chichester Film Festival

“Probably the most rewarding 40 minutes I have had in a very long time! Thank you.”
Simon Mills FRSA

Discovering himself to be by nature an improviser yet committed to the time-honoured language and sensuous values of sculpture, he devised a way of working which embraced spontaneity and the unforeseen. This approach has inspired sculpture students and produced a body of challenging work drawn, in part unconsciously, from personal and shared concerns of the late 20th century.

Director Anna Thornhill is an artist, film-maker and project manager with 30 years experience of working in the arts as practitioner, collaborator and organiser. Spirit in Mass was Anna’s first film, made about her father. The film was awarded distribution funding through Screen South and the RIFE lottery funding programme. Visit Anna Thornhill’s website at https://annathornhill.co.uk/

Camera: Zuleika Kingdon, Karl Ellison, Anna Thornhill

The film is available on DVD with a 12 page leaflet containing two supporting essays. Cost £15 including packing and postage. You may buy securely through PayPal (please note that you don’t need a PayPal account to do so).

DVDs will normally be sent within 5 working days.


Contact details for non-PayPal purchase or further information: film@annathornhill.co.uk