My sculptures are concerned with the ordinary but diverse human predicament and stand, I hope, as a reminder of our shared humanity. They are improvised rather than pre-conceived and are built with randomly pre-formed non-representational shapes made in firmed-up coarsely textured clay, which is the material I have always loved to work with. The process is one of interplay with the material in which the intervention of the unconscious with its ambiguities and improbabilities is obediently heeded. Deliberately devoid of ‘initial idea’ my work is propelled by the process of improvisation. It evolves as an act of faith from an abstract into a figurative or at least an organic statement in accord with my general aspiration: to arrive by an uncharted route at images which strike home.

My process is non-conceptual, non-cerebral, not concerned to comment on trends in modern art and has nothing to do with sophisticated technologies. For me, Sculpture is primarily about Mass. A sense of Mass suffused our earliest experiences and the imprint of Mass on our awareness, especially in the context of the human figure is infinitely more telling than the naming of parts. My search is for figurative statements which because massive in quality are sculptural in essence.

My work is a celebration of the search for self-discovery and for a rooted sense of personal autonomy.